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  1. 2007.03.07 Difficult English

Difficult English

Misc./English Diary 2007.03.07 23:03 Posted by 타돌이
I take Level 2 lesson in the SDA these days. My teacher was Korean when I was in Level 1. But I'm Level 2 student now. My teacher is American whose name is Todd. His pronunciation is better than Level 1 teacher because he is a native speaker.

He tells us a story every day. But I can't hear them well. I understand partly. However, I seem that the other students understand well. I know my listening ability is bad. My writing ability is better than it. So I can write this. But I can't speak English well.T-T. I feel I need to study harder than now. Although English is very difficult, it is mere language.

I will conquer a mountain called English!!

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