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  1. 2007.03.25 Algorithm, TOEIC

Algorithm, TOEIC

Misc./English Diary 2007.03.25 16:44 Posted by 타돌이
I had taught algorithm to a middle school student for 3 days, as out-of-school studies. He is preparing for entering science high school. And I think he study science(including computer) very hard. I was pleased because I have thought that I help students who like science. If he pass contest in school, he'll participate city contest. I don't know the result yet. If the result is good, I'll be happy.

I took TOEIC today. I haven't studied and took it for a long time. So I don't expect good score. But If it is higher than previous score, I'll be happy. the part 1 and the part 5 were easy than what I had thought. but part 2 was very confused. And I still feel time is not enough. So I put the 15 anwsers thoughtlessly. I'll must promote the level of reading speed and listening ability.

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