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  1. 2007.04.24 The Last Class of This Term in SDA

The Last Class of This Term in SDA

Misc./English Diary 2007.04.24 23:49 Posted by 타돌이
I received a last lesson of this term in SDA today. So I could see that whether pass or repeat. I was passed. And I will be level 3 next month. But I don't think my conversation ability is not level3. So I'm worried. In addtion, My teacher in level 3 is Duke who is very strict. I'm afraid.

I'm not good at English speaking and listening yet. I think that because I didn't practice hard. I usually become deaf when I hear English speech. And I usually become mute when I speak English. It's difficult for me to study English. Maybe.. I seem that there is no King Road when I study English. I'll just have to study hard. Go! Go! Seung-chul~!

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