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기타 활동 경험

Introduction 2009.04.26 17:33 Posted by 타돌이

컴퓨터 관련 활동

  • 2009.08 ~ 현재 : (주)다음커뮤니케이션 정식 입사
  • 2009.02 ~ 2009.08 : (주)다음커뮤니케이션 인턴 재입사
  • 2008.09 ~ 2008.12 : (주)다음커뮤니케이션 인턴
  • 2008.07 : (주)진우소프트이노베이션 인턴(1개월)
  • 2008.02 ~ 2008.08 : 제주대학교 ITRC 학부생 연구원
  • 2008.01 ~ 현재 : Ubuntu 한국어 번역팀원
  • 2007.11 ~ 2008.02 : 하나컴퓨터학원 Java 강의
  • 2004.10 ~ 2006.11: 공군 군수전산소 개발실 S/W개발병
  • 2004.1 ~ 2004.8 : 제주대학교 전산통계학과 인공지능 Lab원
  • 2003 : 제주대학교 전산통계학과 알고리즘 분과장
  • 2002.12 ~ 2003.3 : (주)하늘교육 정보처리기능사 실기반 강의
  • 2002 : 제주대학교 전산통계학과 LINUX 분과원
  • 2001.11 ~ 2002.03 : (주)미래텔레콤 개발팀 델파이 프로그래머
  • 2001 ~ 2002 : RETG(Runtime Error Trouble Generator) 운영진
  • 2000.11 ~ 2001.7 : 알고리즘 월드 SYSOP
  • 1999.12 ~ ? : 한국 델파이 개발자 모임(KDDG) 회원
  • 1999.09 ~ 2000.07 : 천리안 VPTC(Visual Power Tool Club) 초대 SYSOP
  • 1999.03 ~ 2002.02 : 남녕고 전산부(NNCC) 7기 프로그래밍 파트
  • 1996.08 ~ ? : 천리안 채소소프트 동호회 회원
  • 1995 : 제주서국민학교 컴퓨터 동호회 창립 멤버
  • 1994.03 : 프로그래밍 입문(GW-BASIC)
  • 1994.02 : 컴퓨터 입문.(그래픽 프로그램 닥터할로)

컴퓨터 비관련 활동

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The Extra in DaeJangKeum

Misc./English Diary 2007.05.30 22:37 Posted by 타돌이
Hi, everyone.

Let me tell you about a story that I had experienced when I was an extra in DaeJangKeum. I think that all of you already know about DaeJangKeum because it's a very famous T.V. drama.

So, anyway, I'll tell you about my story when I was used as an extra.

How could I have a part in that T.V. drama? Well, actually, I wasn't interested in it. But, during one party in my department, I heard that my senior had acted as a Chosun policeman, Pojol. So then I became very interested and asked him how could I have a part too. Therefore my senior made me act in the drama.

The Extra In Dae Jang Keum
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(Pointing to my senior as a Pojol) This is my senior. His name in the drama is Pandol. And he was also a Samurai.(Pointing to my senior as a Samurai) That is to say, he had two roles. So some viewers said that Pojol Pandol betrayed Chosun. But we were just extras and our roles could be different everyday.

The next is the scene that shows me. However, even though I had acted in about ten scenes, almost every scene was edited or showed me just a little. So I was disappointed.

(Poingting at myself in the pictures) This is me, This is also me. And this is also me.

(Pointing at one of the pictures) This scene was very difficult. It took about two hours to shoot it. But it's just a moment during the running time. Could you recognize me in this picture? I think it's hard to recognize me in this scene.

But there is a scene that shows me well. Look at this movie. (Pointing at myself in the movie) This is me.

Thus, I was able to feel the difficulties of actors or actresses. I think it's very worthy experience.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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